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inSpirit healing arts is very fortunate to have a home at  Bliss Yoga Studio in North Liberty, Iowa.

Yoga is the perfect compliment to the mind-body-soul work that we do here at inSpirit healing arts. 

The community of yogis, and the heart & soul of owner, Shara Power, and the wonderful Bliss yoga teachers are sure to leave you in Bliss. 


"We believe that by engaging in the practice of yoga, we learn to live in a state of peace, love, harmony, and gratitude. When living in this state of being we are able to share that with those around us – friends, family, neighbors, and even those we are just meeting for the first time. When we live well, we share it. As that state of bliss is shared with others, it has a ripple effect out into the world.

When we practice together we cultivate a sense of community and oneness. The practice of yoga in a group environment establishes a sense that we aren’t alone in this world, but really this journey of life is full of friends and people to support us. We hope that by providing a space to practice in together and by offering many types of inclusive classes, that we can grow the yoga community together at Bliss Yoga Studio."

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