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Wellness in the Workplace

Are you looking to increase the wellbeing & joy of your workplace?

A day of mindfulness meditation, yoga, and massage is a wonderful way to treat your employees,

while rewarding yourself with a happy, healthy, productive staff.

The tremendous benefits of these modalities include, but are certainly not limited to:

    Today’s workplace and hours are demanding. According to the American Institute of Stress, 80% of America’s employees experience stress and nearly half say they would like to have help in managing that stress. Our offerings can provide your employees a way to refocus and let go, in order to avoid burnout and chronic fatigue.

    Employee turnover is a very costly factor. We offer a warm way for you to say, “thank you!”, to your employees. When your staff feels appreciated, they are certainly more likely to stick around!

    Happy, relaxed employees are more collaborative, and their personal sense of well-being is reflected in healthier relationships. Engaging in group mindfulness meditation or yoga brings a sense of camaraderie and unity, while massage helps to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

    Meditation, yoga, and massage are all found to improve immune function. Improved immune function means fewer sick days and greater productivity for you!

    The modalities we offer can help to alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression, and emotional exhaustion. This can help to improve the lives of your employees, on and off the campus.

inSpirit healing arts offers a variety of modalities to suit your needs. Choose from any or all of the following options, or we can design a day of wellness events particular to your workplace:







inSpirit meditation guides teach relaxation & breathing techniques, as well as the option for individual biofeedback meditation sessions. The group session is a 30-min offering. Individual sessions typically run 10-min per participant.

Turn your boardroom into a spa room. Your employees are certain to look forward to a day when in-house massages are available! Typically, we offer 10 to 15 minute chair or table massages to employees. We are able to offer one or two licensed massage therapists according to your employee count. Each hour includes one 10-min break for the therapist.

3 hours, 1 Therapist   $300

6 hours, 1 Therapist   $450

3 hours, 2 Therapists $600

6 hours, 2 Therapists $900

30-min, Group Meditation   $60

10-min, Individual Session $10 (per participant)

Bring flexibility to the workplace with a 30 to 60 minute yoga practice. Some mats will be available, but it is recommended for employees to provide their own. Our yoga practices are accessible to all levels of physical ability.

30-min $60

45-min $90

60-min $120


Here are two examples upon which to base Your Day of Wellness in the Workplace:


8:00-11:00am    Massage

11:15am-12pm  Yoga

1:00-4:00pm      Massage

4:00-4:30pm      Group Meditation

One Therapist: $600   

Two Therapists: $1050


8:00-11:00am    Massage
11:15pm-12pm  Yoga
12:00-12:30pm  Group Meditation

One Therapist: $450
Two Therapists: $750

A Wellness Day is a wonderful benefit to offer to your employees by fully sponsoring the costs.  However, if your organization doesn’t yet have the resources to cover the costs, an alternative could be sponsoring partial cost, or providing access by sponsoring the space and offering the time away without using PTO.  A discounted service or even easily accessible services without having to take time off is invaluable to those who need it!


We are now accepting new clients for 2020. Because of high demand, we encourage booking all of your 2020 arrangements by Nov 1, 2019.

Monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly scheduling is preferred. 


To schedule, or for any questions that you may have,please reach out to Erica Miller, Founder, inSpirit healing arts:

Phone 319.855.3372


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