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Fri, Dec 06


Anahata Wellness Co-op

Yoga Teacher Training

200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Teacher Training

Time & Location

Dec 06, 2024, 8:00 AM – May 04, 2025, 4:00 PM

Anahata Wellness Co-op, 2441 Coral Ct, Ste 3, Coralville, IA 52241

About the Event

Deepen Your Practice, Awaken Your Soul

Whether you are looking yo deepen your yoga practice or you are ready to step into the world of teaching, Erica Miller, E-RYT 500 & Reiki Master- Teacher of inSpirit healing arts & Yoga will lovingly guide you!

Our teacher training program is a Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour program, nestled in a safe, nurturing, non-competitive environment that will help you discover your passion for teaching yoga & expand your knowledge of the profound world of yoga.

This training is appropriate for those who want to start teaching yoga, for those who love yoga & want to discover more, & for those who want to integrate yoga more fully into their lives.

Our training is an in-depth study & training in Vinyasa & Hatha yoga integrated with the energetic, physical, spiritual & psychological elements of yoga practice. The program will encompass the physical body, the subtle body, breathwork, meditation, and creating practices suitable to all bodies, levels & interests. Students will gain a richer understanding of how to integrate these practices for themselves & for their future students- whether in a group class setting or in a private yoga setting.

Yoga is a tool for self-transformation & deepening the connection to the soul. This training will help you to understand the ways in which life force moves through us to design yoga practices that support our & our student's greatest growth. The sparks of joy that are created through each training weekend will enliven your spirit to share your knowledge and gifts of the practice with others!

What Will I Learn?

Foundations Weekend ​​

You will walk away from this weekend with the tools needed to teach a beginner’s level Vinyasa class safely to all populations.​

What will we learn?​

Breakdown of more than 40 yoga poses, as well as Sun Salutations A & B.

Learn to sequence Vinyasa flows.

Execution, modification, & transitions of poses (asana) for all bodies.

Develop class sequences amongst peers.

Effective communication techniques.

Offer cueing & transitions through verbal language & non-verbal body language.

Preparing for a class.

Community service.

Liability as an instructor.

Enjoy monthly master classes where you get to be a student with a teacher’s awareness.

Communication & Philosophy Weekend

Take a deeper dive into communication techniques, build on to foundations with new poses & breathing techniques, & introduce ways to start living a yogic life.​

What will we learn?​

Breakdown of about 40 yoga poses.

Create Vinyasa flows & Hatha sequences.

Identify your personal communication style & how you prefer to learn.

Discover alternate ways of communicating & learning.

Get to know all communication & learning styles. 

Discover the qualities of an effective instructor.  

Dive into the 8 Limbs of Yoga, as well as the Yamas & Niyamas. 

Introduction to Pranayama techniques. 

Enjoy monthly master classes where you get to be a student with a teacher’s awareness.

Meditation & Introspection

In this module, we move into a little more introspection as we explore meditation, the subtle body, & the chakras.​

What will we learn?​

Breakdown of  new yoga poses.

Hands-on assists.

The chakras & the subtle energy bodies.

Discover the bandhas.

Introduction to meditation.

Practice incorporating meditation & chakras into class.

Enjoy monthly master classes where you get to be a student with a teacher’s awareness.

Philosophy & Traditions

​During this weekend, we will examine traditional texts that provide insight & history into yoga. We will take a deeper look into the philosophical intentions behind the practice through readings and discussions. This module also introduces Nada Yoga or sound yoga through chanting, music, & live performance. In addition, we will learn Sanskrit in the context of yoga poses as well as learn mudras and pranayama practices.​

What will we learn?

Breakdown of new yoga poses.

Dive into the Yoga Sutras & the Bhagavad Gita.

Introduction to sound therapy & mantra/chanting. Natalie Brown of Sounds Heal Studio will join us for a full-day of Nada Yoga (sound yoga) & an incredible sound healing introduction.

Practice the art of mudras.

Acquire base knowledge of Sanskrit and Sanskrit for yoga poses.

Get to know the koshas.

Advanced pranayama techniques.

Enjoy monthly master classes where you get to be a student with a teacher’s awareness.

Anatomy & Alignment

Take a close look at human anatomy & physiology, biomechanics & movement patterns, & how all the systems play into asana, pranayama, & meditation.​

What will we learn?

Primary function of the working muscles and prime movers, as well as the antagonist muscles.

Skeletal structure & how it plays into body alignment on all bodies.

Identify muscles & learn how to teach around your desired effect in the body based on the muscular system.

Muscular anatomy & its role in flexibility.

Learn how to teach safe classes & prevent injuries for all bodies

Play with Thai Yoga to  make the learning fun and feel good!​

Enjoy monthly master classes where you get to be a student with a teacher’s awareness.

Special Populations

During this weekend, we learn  to teach special populations such as seniors, pregnancy, de-conditioned and larger bodies, & those with chronic diseases. We will also focus on using props.​

What will we learn?

Modifications of previously learned poses

Use of props and chairs

Learn about special conditions

Execution, modification, & transitions of poses for all bodies

Inclusive languaging

Develop & practice class sequences on peers.

Enjoy monthly master classes where you get to be a student with a teacher’s awareness.​

Unification Weekend

In this module, we unify the knowledge developed over the course of the training and integrating that education into mindful living for the weekend.​

What will we learn?

The business of yoga

Discussion of altruism & personal practices Meditations, journaling, & art exercises

Teaching class to peers using any theme, focus, or aspects of learning acquired throughout the training.

Intention setting

Enjoy monthly master classes where you get to be a student with a teacher’s awareness.

Graduation Ceremony!

Yoga Teacher Training Dates for 2024-2025

Dec 6-8

Jan 4-5

Feb 7-9

Mar 15-16

Apr 11-13

May 3-4

The schedule for each day will run 9a-4p


All students will have ample teaching time, so you feel ready to lead from the minute you leave training!


RESERVE YOUR SPOT with a non-refundable deposit of $400

Early Bird (Paid in full by Sept 30, 2024) $2350

Regular Pricing (Paid in full by Nov 1, 2024) $2750

Payment Plan- $3000 (Deposit of $400, then equal monthly installment to be paid in full by Dec 6, 2024) 


  • DEPOSIT applied to FULL PYMT

    Sale ends: Sep 30, 4:00 PM

    Sale ends: Sep 30, 4:00 PM

    This ticket is for those who wish to make equal payments totaling $2600 following the deposit of $400. TOTAL of $3000.


    Sale ends: Sep 30, 4:00 PM
  • FULL PAYMENT after 9/30/24




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