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Healing Sessions

Holistic Healing Session

Erica's holistic healing session is a combination of bodywork, energy work, guided meditation, and intuitively channeled messages. The session begins with a statement of intention for the healing. A combination of Shiatsu, Swedish massage, as well as sacrocranial technique is utilized for the bodywork segment of the practice. Reiki is used throughout the session to transfer healing energies to the body, mind and spirit. As Erica accesses the energy patterns within the body and the emotional and spiritual resonance of the client, she may choose to weave a guided meditation during all or a portion of the treatment. As an intuitive channel, Erica delivers the message of Spirit throughout her session to bring about the highest alignment of Self.​

Offered by 

         Erica Miller

90-minute Session: $120  -  Package of four: $400

To schedule: call Erica at 319.855.3372 or email

Integrative Massage Therapy

Offered by 

         Willow Pogue

Willow's Integrative Therapy session is a powerful fusion of energy work, guided meditation, and bodywork. As a Reiki Master-Teacher and practitioner of Sri Vidya ancient healing techniques, Willow will align and activate your energy body. The personalized meditation woven throughout the session will guide you to your innate mind-body wisdom and allow you to heal from within. Therapeutic massage will soothe the body and deepen the session even further, creating long-lasting benefit and healing on every level. At the end of every session, Willow will offer you supportive practices and guidance to help you fully embody your best self. 

To schedule: call Willow at 563.209.7283 or schedule online

90-minute Session: $90 (75 min healing, 15 post-session guidance)

60-minute session: $60 (45 min healing, 15 min post-session guidance)

Biofeedback MEditation

Biofeedback is a therapeutic method of learning to sense and control processes of the body that are normally involuntary, such as brain activity, heart rate, and respiration. During your Biofeedback Meditation Session, you will utilize a device that gives you real-time feedback about these physiological processes while being guided through a meditation that helps you connect with them. With practice, you can develop greater awareness and control of these processes in addition to enjoying the many benefits that meditation provides. Developing this relationship with your body's inner rhythms has been shown to increase mindfulness, enhance your mind-body connection, and reduce symptoms associated with stress and many health conditions.

Offered by 

         Willow Pogue

Experience the full benefit of Biofeedback by trying a series!

Level 1 Series

   - Introduction to Biofeedback - 4 sessions $160

Level 2 Series (Prerequisite - completion of a Level 1 series)

   - Enhancing Your Mind-Body Connection - 6 sessions $240

   - Exploring Approaches to Meditation - 6 sessions $240

   - Deepening Your Practice - 6 sessions $240

Level 3 Series (Prerequisite - completion of a Level 1 and a Level 2 series)

   - Deconditioning Your Mind - 8 sessions $320

   -Creating the Life You Love - 8 sessions $320

40-Minute Session: $50   -   Series: $40 per 40-Minute Session

To schedule: call Willow at 563.209.7283 or schedule online